Mitvim experts are participating and lecturing in regional and international policy conferences, including:


Democracy and Foreign Policy in Israel: What is the Connections?

A conference of the Mitvim Institute and the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations; Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 11 June 2019. See the invitation here.

The European Parliament Elections Results: Possible Significance for Europe and Israel

An event of the Mitvim Institute, the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI), the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and the EU Studies Program at Tel Aviv University; Tel Aviv, 30 May 2019. See the invitation here.

Alternative Directions For Israel's Foreign Policy on the Eve of an Election Year

The second annual conference of the Mitvim Institute, 30 December 2018. See the invitation here.


The Unfulfilled Potential of Israel's Relations with Arab Countries

A public conference in Jerusalem; 29 May 2018. See the invitation here.


The Eastern Mediterranean: New Dynamics and Opportunities for Cooperation

A public panel event in Jerusalem; 25 April 2018. See the invitation here.


The Impact of the Conflict on Isael's Foreign Relations
A public panel event of Mitvim and the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations exploring the extent to which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict effecs Israel's foreign relations. Participents included: Prof. Elie Podeh, Nitzan Horowitz and Dr. Nimrod Goren of Mitvim, Prof. Dan Miodowink of the Davis Institute, Talia Sasson of the New Israel Fund, Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi of Injaz, and Yigal Palmor of the Jewish Agency and former spokeperson if the MFA. Jerusalem, 13 June 2017. For the Panel Summery click here, for photos click here

New Euro-Mediterranean Dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean
A Mitvim-let panel at the 2017 annual conference of the EuroMesSCo Network; participated by Dr. Nimrod Goren and Gabriel Mitchel of Mitvim, Muriel Asseburg of SWP (Germany), Thanos Dokos of ELIAMEP (Greece) and Michael Asiedu of Global Political Trends Center (Turkey). Barcelona, June 2 2017, For photos click here

Israel and International conflicts - What can be learned?
A public panel event carried out by Mitvim and the Frances Brody Institute for Applied Diplomacy discussing lessons for Israeli - Palestinian peacemaking from other international conflict and assessing how Israel can cotribute to the resolution of other conflicts. The panel featured Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, a policy fellow at Mitvim, Yoni Eshpar of UNSCO, Daniel Goldamn of Geshser, Dr. Galia Lindenstrauss of INSS and Dr. Nimrod Goren of Mitvim. Tel-Aviv, 26 April 2017.  For photos click here


Opportunities for Israel's Foreign Relations towards 2018

The first annual conference of the Mitvim Institute will take place in Jerusalem on 1 November 2017. It will include a keynote address by Avi Gabbay, Chairman of the Labor Party and Zionist Union; presentation of the 2017 Israeli foreign policy index; and a panel on opportunities for Israel’s foreign relations towards 2018. The conference will be held in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-StiftungClick here to see the full program.


The Arab Peace Initiative at 15
An international conference of Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and Leonard Davis Institute that discussed the dynamics, challeges and opportunities of the Arab peace initiative, whice was first introduced in 2002 and has yet to recieve an official Israeli response. Speakers included scholars, practitioners, politicians and diplomats. Jerusalem, 21 March 2017. for photos click here


Mitvim's Knesset Conference on Improving Israel's Foreign Service

A conference held by Mitvim and the Knesset Lobby for the Strengthening of Israel's Foreign Service (Chaired by MK Nachman Shai) carried out a joint conference at the Knesset in which a Mitvim task team of former senior Israelis diplomats presented a recommendations document for improving Israeli diplomacy. Jerusalem, 6 February 2017. for photos click here


How to Empower Israel's Public Diplomacy?

A conference held by Mitvim and the Knesset Caucus for the Empowerment of Israel’s Foreign Service, headed by MK Dr. Nachman Shai, at the Israeli Knesset. Jerusalem, 28 December 2015. See full event here; for photos click here.



The 6th Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center
Titled "New Government, New Realities'", the 6th  Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and the Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center focused on post-elections opportunities for Israel-Turkey reconciliation. This round included a public briefing, an experts-workshop, meetings at the MFA and Knesset, and regional dialogue with an Egyptian diplomat and a Palestinian think tank director. Israel, 18-19 October, 2015. For photos click here


Reviewing the Euro-Mediterranean relations - EuroMeSCo Annual Conference
Mitvim experts participated in the annual conference of EuroMeSCo – a network of approximately 100 think tanks from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The conference assessed EU policies towards the Southern Mediterranean. Italy, 8-9 October 2015. For impressions from the conference click here

Israeli foreign policy and the modern diplomacy of the 21st century
A public panel event participated by Colette Avital, Yigal Palmor, and Momo Mahadav, focusing on adaptations required of foreign policy in the 21st century. Tel-Aviv, 20 April 2015. To read event summary click here; to see the full event click here.


The 5th round of Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center
The 5th round of Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center included a workshop held in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung focusing on the role of the US in mending Israel-Turkey ties. Immediately following this event, a public panel was conducted at the Brookings Institute regarding Israel-Turkey relations, featuring experts from Mitvim and GPoT Center. Washington DC., 23 March, 2015.


Israel's Foreign Policy: Towards Isolation or Integration?
A pre-election event of the Mitvim Institute, featuring MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union), Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz (Likud), MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid), Dr. Michael Oren (Koolanu), and MK Mossi Raz (Meretz), and moderated by Arad Nir (Channel 2 News); Tel Aviv, 25 February 2015. For the highlights of the event, click here; see event photos here.


The 4th Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center
The 4th Mitvim-Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center policy dialogue focused on Israel and Turkey relations following the war in Gaza and regional developments. Mitvim participants included Arad Nir, Yoav Stern and Dr. Nimrod Goren. Turkey, 20-21 November 2014. For further information, click here.


The Diplomatic Horizon following the War in Gaza
The Knesset Caucus for Regional Cooperation, headed by MK Nitzan Horowitz, the Mitvim Institute, the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, and Molad - The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy held a conference on the diplomatic horizon following the war in Gaza. It focused on new prospects to promote peace and regional cooperation. The conference took place at Tel Aviv University, with participation of Members of Knesset, as well as prominent public figures, scholars, analysts, and journalists. Tel Aviv, 3 September 2014. To read the summary, click here


Turkey's Foreign Policy and the Future of Turkey-Israel Relations
A public lecture by the former Foreign Minister of Turkey, H.E. Yaşar Yakış, in cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 21 May 2014.


US Foreign Policy towards Israel and the Middle East
A symposium in cooperation with the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University, featuring Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street; Alon Pinkas, former Israeli Consul General in New York; and Dr. Ilai Saltzman, board member at the Mitvim Institute and lecturer at Claremont McKenna College, USA. Yael Patir of J Street and the Mitvim Institute chaired the symposium. Tel Aviv, 19 May 2014. To read the summary, click here.

The 3rd Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center
The 3rd Mitvim-Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center policy dialogue focused on preparations for the day after the signing of an Israel-Turkey reconciliation agreement. It included joint discussion between experts from the two think tanks and briefings to media representative, experts and diplomats. Mitvim participants included Gabriel Mitchell, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Ksenia Svetlova, Prof. Elie Podeh, and Nadav Tamir. Turkey, 8-9 May 2014.

German-Israeli Relations: The Next 50 Years
A conference of AJC-Berlin marking 50 years of German-Israeli relations. Participants included parliament members, scholars, journalists, and members of NGOs. Arik Segal represented Mitvim. Germany, 8-9 April 2014. For pictures, click here.

Key Elements of Israel's Foreign Policy
A public panel eventt of Mitvim, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and the Institute for Applied Diplomacy; Featuring MK Ronen Hoffman, Prof. Joel Peters, Dr. Yuval Benziman, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Dr. Werner Puschra, and Prof. Yossi shain; Tel Aviv University, 25 March 2014. Read the event summary here. For pictures, click here.

The Peace Process: International Pressures and the Fruits of Peace
A special conference on the Lobby for Regional Cooperation at the Knesset, headed by MK Nitzan Horowitz; Featuring Prof. Elie Podeh of Mitvim and Patrick Maisonnave, the French Ambassador to Israel. Jerusalem, 10 March 2014.

The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective
Kick-off meeting of a regional working group led by the EuroMeSCo Network, aimed at publishing a joint volume on comparative perspectives of the transitions in the Arab world. The meeting convened as part of the annual conference of the Strategic Studies Network. Prof. Elie Podeh represented Mitvim. Thailand, 23-25 February 2014. For the conference summary, click here; for pictures, click here.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Think Tanks in the Middle East and North Africa
The first-ever Middle East and North Africa Think Tank Summit, convened in Turkey by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Strategic Communication (STRATIM) and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung. It was attended by participants from think tanks in nineteen different countries. Dr. Nimrod Goren represented Mitvim. Turkey, 11-13 December 2013. For pictures, click here.

New Paradigms for Israel and Palestine
An international conference at the European Parliament on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The conference was organized by the Socialist and Democrats Group at the Parliament, and was attended by Israeli, European, Palestinian and American politicians and experts, including the President of the European Parliament and the EU Special Envoy for the Middle East Peace Process. Dr. Nimrod Goren represented Mitvim and was among the speakers in the conference. Belgium, 6-7 November 2013. For further information, click here; for a Mitvim report, click here; for pictures, click here.

The 2nd Israel-Turkey Policy Dialogue of Mitvim and GPoT Center
The 2nd Mitvim-Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center policy dialogue was carried out under the theme of "Comparing Conflicts, Seeking Resolutions". It included joint discussion between experts from the two think tanks, as well as meetings with peace NGOs; the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; MK Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Labor Party; Mr. Nadav Tamir, Policy .Adviser to President Shimon Peres; the Israel-Turkey Business Council; and the Alon Group. Israel, 28-30 October 2013. For an op-ed by Gabriel Mitchell, click here.

A Transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change
The annual conference and general assembly of the EuroMeSCo Network (the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission), featuring some 100 think tank leaders from Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Nimrod Goren represented Mitvim. France, 3-4 October 2013. For the summary, click here; for pictures, click here.

The Evolving Relations between Israel and Turkey
An international conference of the Turkish Policy Quarterly, in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty; Istanbul, Turkey; 2 July 2013
Mitvim representative: Dr. Nimrod Goren. 
For further information, including the conference's video, click here.


The Arab Spring and its Regional Implications
A policy dialogue between Mitvim and the German Institute for Security and International Affairs (SWP); Herzliya, Israel; 19 June 2013
Mitvim representatives: Prof. Moshe Ma'oz, Akiva Eldar, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Yonatan Touval, Dahlia Scheindlin. 
For pictures from the conference, click here.


The Middle East in an Era of Transformations: Opportunities and Challenges for Israel
A conference in cooperation with the Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies at Haifa University and the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation; Haifa, 11 June 2013
Mitvim representatives: Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, Kamal Hassan, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Dr. Ronen Zeidel
For the conference program (in Hebrew), click here.
For pictures from the conference, click here. 

Middle East Civil Society Dialogue
A conference participated by civil society representatives from some twenty countries in the region, to discuss the role of NGOs following the Arab Spring. The conference was organized by the Gaziantep Zirve University. Yonatan Touval represented Mitvim. Turkey, 6-7 April 2013. For a Mitvim report, click here. 

Europe and Turkey in the Context of a Changing Middle East
International conference in Berlin, Germany; December 2012
Mitvim representative: Dr. Nimrod Goren


Turkish-Israeli Relations and the Paradigm Shift in the Middle East
Mitvim - Global Political Trends (GPoT) Center Policy Dialogue; Istanbul, Turkey; September 2012
Mitvim representatives: Dr. Nimrod Goren, Dr. Alon Liel, Ms. Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Mr. Arik Segal


Regime Change in the Arab World and Turkey: Debating Institutional Experiences
International workshop in Cesme, Turkey; June 2012
Mitvim representative: Prof. Moshe Ma'oz


The Middle East in Flux, the Economic Crisis and the Rise of China
The 11th annual meeting of the Global Atlanticists, Washington DC, USA; May 2012
Mitvim representative: Mr. Yonatan Touval


Turkey's New Global Activism
International workshop in Istanbul, Turkey; April 2012
Mitvim representative: Dr. Nimrod Goren


The Arab Spring One Year After: Challenges, Prospects and Strategies for Change
International conference in Brussels, Belgium; March 2012
Mitvim representative: Mr. Kamal Hassan

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