Read here the guiding principles of Mitvim's foreign policy paradigm for Israel 


Israel lacks a coherent foreign policy. This has a harmful effect on its position in the world, on the role of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs in decision making processes, and on the conduct of Israel’s diplomacy.


Israeli foreign policy is subordinated to the security establishment and focuses on public diplomacy (hasbara) efforts, rather than advancing diplomatic processes that would enable Israel a fresh start among the nations, regional belonging, and a future of peace, security and prosperity.


The Mitvim Institute is working to change that. In 2014-15, a multi-disciplinary task-team at the Mitvim Institute formulated a proposal for a new paradigm for Israel’s foreign policy. The new paradigm introduces a foreign policy that is pro-peace, multi-regional, outward-facing, modern and inclusive. It is based on several building blocks: cultivating relationships, taking initiative, identifying opportunities, and being flexible, multi-dimensional and value-based.


Click here to read the guiding principles of the new paradigm.

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