אריק סגל

Arik Segal is an expert in international conflict management and innovative dialogue structures on sub-political levels. Following a political position at the Embassy of Korea in Israel (2009-2010) he set up his own independent consulting firm, focusing on the use of technological platforms in conflict management projects. He works in cooperation with international organizations, institutions and NGO's  in frameworks that impact decision makers and civil societies. Arik is a frequent guest speaker on Israeli and international stages such as Harvard Business School and the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzelya. He teaches Negotiation in high schools in Israel and delivers conflict management workshops and trainings to NGO's and student groups. He is a US State Dept. international exchange alumni and a graduate of the International academy for leadership in Gummersbach, Germany. he holds an HBA in International Relations from the University of Toronto and a Masters' degree from Tel Aviv University in Diplomacy Studies, as well as a Mediator's certificate from Gevim Group

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