רועי לאתרRoee Kibrik is the Director of Research at Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and a Teaching Fellow in International Relations Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds the degrees of BA (Political Science and History) and MA (Political Theory) from the University of Haifa, and PhD. (International Relations) from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His dissertation topic was "The Idea, Reality and in Between: The Theoretical Gap Concerning Border, Sovereignty and Security in the Negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, 1993-2009". Roee held a Neubauer Fellowship at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel-Aviv, was a Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellow at The Davis Institute for International Relations in Jerusalem, and a visiting researcher at King's College London. While enjoying his academic avenue Roee serves his society mainly in the educational field. Among other he held positions in education departments in several regional councils in Israel, worked as a teacher in high-school, and was the manager of Reut Democratic Boarding School. Currently he serves as the director of Democraty Baemek School Association. 

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