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Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies is a foreign policy think tank, established in 2011.

Mitvim’s mission is to improve Israel’s foreign policy, promote Israel’s regional belonging in the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean, and advance Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Mitvim developed and promotes a pro-peace, multi-regional, internationalist, modern, and inclusive approach to Israel’s foreign policy.

Mitvim is constantly ranked among the top think tanks in the Middle East and North Africa, and as one of the world’s leading regional studies centers.

How does the Mitvim Institute work?

Mitvim generates new progressive foreign policy knowledge and puts it into use by engaging with local and international political, diplomatic, and civil society actors.

Mitvim’s core staff, policy fellows, and researchers produce original analysis and concrete policy proposals. Mitvim conducts outreach activities to advance these proposals, shape the political discussion, and influence policy.

Mitvim’s activities include policy planning, research, expert workshops and public events, regional and international policy dialogues, public opinion polls, media engagement, and briefings to Members of Knesset, government officials, and foreign diplomats.

What does the Mitvim Institute do?

Improve Israel’s foreign policy

Mitvim calls for a paradigm shift in Israel’s foreign policy. It advances a new progressive foreign policy approach that is pro-peace, multi-regional, internationalist, modern, and inclusive.

Mitvim works to empower Israel’s foreign service, to elevate the Knesset’s role on foreign affairs, and to make diplomacy more central to decision making.

Mitvim assesses ongoing developments and trends in Israel’s foreign policy, conducts annual polls to track public perceptions on foreign affairs, and works to increase the involvement of Israel’s Arab citizens in foreign relations.

Promote Israel’s regional belonging

Mitvim sees Israel’s unique regional location as an asset, and promotes Israel’s belonging in the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Mitvim provides knowledge on regional developments, identifies opportunities, and charts policy paths toward their fulfillment.

Mitvim emphasizes the linkage between Israel’s regional relations and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and advances Arab and European offers to upgrade ties with Israel following the achievement of peace.

Mitvim conducts policy dialogues with Arab and Muslim partners, explores the new dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean, and fosters Israel-Europe relations.

Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Mitvim stresses that the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is vital for Israel’s foreign policy and national security.

Mitvim advises and supports local and international peace initiatives, develops pro-peacepolicy proposals, and works to strengthen the policy impact of civil society in the peace process.

Mitvim conducts policy dialogues with Palestinian, regional, and international think tanks on methods to advance peace.

Mitvim draws policy lessons from other conflict resolution processes, and assesses changes in Israeli and Palestinian politics and their impact on chances for peace.

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