Dr. Roee Kibrik

Director of Research

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Dr. Roee Kibrik is the Director of Research of Mitvim. He is a proud partner of Lilach and father of Eyal, Alon and Yuval. He holds the degrees of BA (Political Science and History) and MA (Political Theory) from the University of Haifa, and PhD. (International Relations, supervised by Prof. Piki Ish-Shalom) from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He held a Neubauer Fellowship at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel-Aviv (2014-2015) was a Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellow at The Davis Institute for International Relations in Jerusalem (2011-2015), and an Israel Institute Research Fellow at King’s College London (2015-2016). His expertise includes Israeli-Palestinian Conflict דוand Negotiations, International Relations Theory, Political Psychology, Political Thought and history of concepts.

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