Einat Levi

Researcher, Task Team Member

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Einat Levi is a researcher at Mitvim, specializes in Israeli Moroccan relations. Einat has been engaged in Morocco Since 2013, leading study tours and delegations and developing partnerships in various fields, mostly between the private sector and civil society organizations and individuals. Einat promotes cultural and digital diplomacy channels between Israel and Morocco. Examples of such channels are: the Facebook page Moroccoמרוקוالمغرب and the innovative digital documentation project “The Moroccan Jewish Story in 360“. Einat works at The Center for Educational Technology as an Online Learning Instructional Designer, promoting and encouraging the use of technology and innovative pedagogical practices in education. As part of her work Einat lead several projects aiming to straighten the connection between Israel and its Diaspora. Einat holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations and M.A. in Research, Management and Conflict Resolution, both from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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