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Shiri Fein- Grossman, Mitvim’s fellow policy, served at Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) for more than 11 years in various roles. In her last role, Shiri acted as the Head of the Foreign Policy Branch for Regional Affairs in the Middle East, Africa, and Special Liaison Directorate. Shiri took a major part in the relation building with the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco and participated in the first Israeli delegations to Bahrain and Morocco.

Between 2011 – 2016, Shiri served at the Legal Department of the NSC, as the Acting Deputy Legal Adviser. In addition to her roles, Shiri was also the first person who served as the adviser to Head of the NSC for Gender Equality and promoting women at the NSC, a position she fulfilled for six years.

Shiri holds a master’s degree in social science and Public Administration from the Tel-Aviv University (TAU) and a LLB in Law and a BA in Government from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), where she participated in the prestigious Argov Fellows program for Leadership and Diplomacy.

Shiri left the NSC in June 2021and since then has been working on the private sector, bridging business, capital and regional politics.

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