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Yitzhak Gal (MBA, Tel Aviv University) is a long-time researcher of Middle East economic issues. Gal is a senior economic and business consultant, and heads a small consulting firm, “Y Gal Consulting”, focusing on Middle Eastern markets.

Gal consults to public and business sector entities: Israeli government ministries and agencies, international organizations and NGOs; as well as international and Israeli companies in various fields of business. Gal has been involved, inter alia, in large economic research projects, strategic and business analyses in the Israeli–Palestinian and Israeli–Jordanian context, as well as the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, and the Middle East at large.

Gal’s numerous consulting works have covered many fields of business: agriculture and water, energy (oil and gas, renewable energy), banking and insurance, transportation and logistics, industry (chemicals, food, textile, etc.), ICT, and more.

Gal’s consultancy activity takes advantage of extensive network of contacts in the public and business sectors of key Arab countries, as well as cooperation with economists and other professionals is these countries.

Yitzhak Gal is a research fellow in the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies (Tel Aviv University) and Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies. Gal has published tens of articles and academic research works, and has presented papers in conferences and workshops – on the Palestinian economy and Israeli – Palestinian economic relations; the Arabian Gulf economies and markets; the Egyptian and Jordanian economies, and more. Gal is also a frequent lecturer on Middle East economic and business issues to Israeli public and professional audiences.

Contact details: ygal@ygmideast.com


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