Mitvim – SWP Expert Dialouge 2023

The annual dialogue of the Mitvim Institute and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) dealt this year with global geopolitical changes and their impact on the Middle East. Researchers and experts from both institutes, as well as former ambassadors, participated in the discussion.

It was a pleasure to host our distinguished colleagues from SWP Dr. Muriel Asseburg, Dr. Peter lintl, Dr. Guido Steinberg, Dr. Stephan Roll, Dr. Sabine Fischer, Dr. Konstantin Witschel and Dr. Lidia Averbukh (Bertelsmann Foundation) as well as our special guests – former ambassadors to Germany and France – Jeremy Issacharoff and Daniel Shek. Thank you also for Udi Evental, Dr. Shira Efron and Dr. Ofer Waldman for joining us.We feel privileged to engage in an open discussion with the SWP, and especially with our dear colleague Muriel Asseburg, in a time when Israeli Far Right supporters were trying to prevent such discussion from happening.

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