Challenges and Opportunities for Gaza: A Mediterranean Perspective

Conference Summaries / The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The Gaza Strip constitutes a unique point of convergence of regional politics, a military and political conflict, a humanitarian crisis, international legal issues, environmental and energy challenges, and questions of development and cooperation. The coronavirus crisis has not bypassed Gaza. While it is intensifying threats, it is also providing new opportunities. Most people view Gaza as a Middle Eastern or Israeli-Palestinian issue, but the Gaza Strip is also part of the Mediterranean Basin. Exploring Gaza-related issues through the Mediterranean lens provides new insights and offers policy alternatives. On 4 May 2020, Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, The School of Sustainability at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (IDC) and The Maritime Policy and Strategy Research Center at Haifa University conducted an online conference on the situation in Gaza from a Mediterranean perspective, with an emphasis on regional geopolitical and economic aspects. This document summarizes key points raised at the event, which was led by Prof. Shaul Chorev, Dr. Shiri Zemah Shamir and Dr. Roee Kibrik.

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