Israeli Foreign Policy and the Modern Diplomacy of the 21st Century

Momo Mahadav July 2015
Policy Papers and Reports / Strengthening Israel's Foreign Policy

Israeli foreign policy must adapt to become compatible with the modern diplomacy of the 21st century. It must recognize the increasing role of new actors in the diplomatic sphere and create opportunities for these actors to interface with classic diplomacy, which revolves around embassies. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs must deploy new and innovate tools in order to use its resources more effectively and efficiently and to train 21st century Israeli diplomats; to create partnerships with Israeli civil society organizations that collaborate with their counterparts abroad and are increasingly playing a role in shaping the global agenda; and to create opportunities to work with Israeli companies that operate abroad. Israel must actively engage in economic diplomacy, which is becoming a central part of modern diplomacy. It should do so by increasing the budget of MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, and broadening its focus to additional countries. Israel must also protect Israeli companies that are the targets of boycott efforts.

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