Recommendations for Improving Israel-Jordan Relations

April 2018
Policy Papers and Reports

Israel and Jordan have recently reached understandings to overcome a bilateral crisis, triggered by the incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman on July 2017. These understandings enabled the arrival of a new Israeli ambassador to Jordan, and are a positive and necessary development. Nevertheless, further steps are needed to improve relations between the countries and overcome the damage caused by the crisis. This document includes recommendations for Israeli officials and civil society actors. They are based on a series of policy dialogues and events on Israel-Jordan relations, carried out over the past year by the Mitvim Institute. These recommendations focus on the need to emphasize the importance of IsraelJordan relations to the Israeli public, build trust with the Jordanians, strengthen cooperation between Israel and Jordan, acknowledge Jordan’s special role in the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, recognize the linkage between Israel-Jordan relations and the Palestinian issue, and draw lessons from the crisis.

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