Trump’s Statement on Jerusalem

Dr. Nimrod Goren December 2017
Op-eds / The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

On 6 December 2017, US President Donald Trump delivered a statement in which he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. His statement was warmly received in Israel, but was heavily criticized in Europe and the Middle East. This document includes commentaries by Mitvim Institute experts regarding Trump’s statement on Jerusalem and its possible implications: Dr. Nimrod Goren claims that introducing a vision of peace for Jerusalem is the ultimate response to Trump’s statement; Dr. Lior Lehrs argues that Trump changed US policy on Jerusalem, but only partially; Rebecca Bornstein explains that while Trump’s supporters applaud him, the statement puts US interests at risk; Prof. Elie Podeh analyzes why the likelihood of a breakthrough towards peace is now even more remote; and Dr. Ido Zelkovitz concludes that Trump’s statement is fueling Hamas’ incitement efforts.

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