Recommendations for Essential Infrastructure and Healthcare in the Gaza Strip

The paper examines elements of essential infrastructure in the Gaza Strip – energy, water, sanitation, and the health system – in the face of the ongoing war. Our aim is to inform decision-makers about the extent of destruction to physical and institutional infrastructure resulting from the Israel-Hamas war. We propose ways to address immediate needs and rebuild for the future, envisioning a sustainable “day after.” The enormous infrastructural damage in Gaza directly exacerbates the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, impacting access to clean water and healthcare for Gaza’s population, as well as for 134 Israelis held captive by Hamas and other groups. This document offers recommendations for urgent action to address humanitarian challenges and rebuild for the long term. These recommendations, formulated by Israeli professionals, stem from extensive discussions in small working groups and broader forums.

Following an overview of guiding principles, the paper details recommendations by infrastructure type: energy, water, sewage, and health. Each chapter comprises several sections:

(1) Pre-war status quo.

(2) The present situation (after more than five months of war).

(3) Recommendations for immediate, medium, and long-term actions, including off-grid infrastructure.

(4) Proposed implementation mechanisms.

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