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Dr. Ilham Shahbari is a member of the Board of Directors at the Mitvim Institute and a scientific adviser at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. Her projects focus on climate change risks and food security. Shahbari is also a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Her current research investigates the relationship between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority in Israel, including community resilience. Recently, she was appointed as an advisor to the Director General of Israel’s Ministry for Social Equality.

In her most recent position, Dr. Shahbari worked as an Associate Lecturer in the Middle East and Terrorism Department at Salford University, UK. Prior to that, she served as a Parliamentary Advisor and Media Consultant for Israeli politicians, before joining the Israeli Ministry of Economy, where she held several positions, most recently as Senior Project Manager for promoting foreign investments.

Dr. Shahbari was awarded a Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations by the University of Bradford, UK. The title of her doctoral dissertation is “Internationalization of the National Aspirations of the Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel.” She holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Arabic and Hebrew Languages from Oranim College, as well as postgraduate degrees from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: a Master’s in Policy, Management & Leadership in Education (M.A.); and an Executive Master of Public Policy (M.A.). Her expertise includes: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ethnic minorities and human rights, parliamentary diplomacy, Middle East politics and international relations.

Shahbari is a member of foreign relations team of Women Wage Peace (WWP), a member of the Shrinking the Conflict movement and a member of the Police National Thinking Forum for combating crime and violence in Arab society.

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