Roadmap to a Political Horizon After the Gaza Campaign: The Role of the International Community


Despite Israel’s military successes in the Gaza campaign, the achievement of political victory remains elusive. Indeed, the current Israeli government has steered clear of addressing the political objectives for the post-war period and has, in fact, made statements undermining future efforts to attain them. Prime Minister Netanyahu has recently announced that Israel will have “overall security responsibility” for the Gaza strip “for an indefinite period”, while radical right-wing Knesset Members have demanded the reestablishment of Jewish settlements after the military campaign in Gaza is over.

The role of the international community in crafting and promoting a political roadmap for Israelis and Palestinians post-war is now more critical than ever. The international community possesses the capacity and influential power needed to chart the political trajectory toward a two-state reality.

The briefing delved into the opportunities and challenges facing the international community in advancing this cause, encompassing the rehabilitation of Gaza as part of a political process, the role of a multinational task force in Gaza, and the leadership of a defensive coalition in the Middle East.

Watch the Briefing here.

The briefing featured:

Dr. Omer Zanany | Director of the Israel-Palestinian Peacemaking program at Mitvim

        – The day-after task force and the political roadmap

Dr. Nir Arieli | Associate Professor of International History at the University of Leeds

        – Multinational task force after the Gaza Campaign

Yitzhak Gal | Economic and Business consultant for the Middle East and research fellow in the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies and Mitvim

        – Rehabilitation of Gaza as part of a political process

Dr. Maya Sion – Tzidkiyahu | Director of the Israel – Europe Relations at Mitvim

         – The European role in the rehabilitation of Gaza

Shira Efron | Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation Senior Director of Policy Research at Israel Policy Forum

         – The American Perspective of ‘the day after’

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