The Israeli Initiative – International Zoom Briefing

The Mitvim Institute and the Berl Katznelson Center, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, invite our international community to a special briefing on the Israeli Initiative.

While the Israeli government refuses to discuss a long-term strategy for the day after the Gaza campaign, the Israeli Initiative stands out as the first local alternative published, giving voice to the Israeli liberal majority. As the ongoing Gaza War reveals, and while Hamas still holds 134 Israeli hostages in harsh conditions, an acute humanitarian crisis is increasing, demanding our immediate attention and action. Faced with the current reality, our roadmap provides an innovative and practical plan for a political-diplomatic breakthrough, aiming to promote a two-state solution and resolve the conflict justly.

In our briefing, we presented the concept behind The Israeli Initiative and elaborate on its different stages. We also delved into the hybrid role of an international peace conference in advancing immediate and long-term goals after the war, and the importance of creating a humanitarian strategy in Gaza.

The briefing will feature:
Dr. (Lt. Col. res.) Omer Zanany | Head of the Foreign and Security Policy Team
of the Mitvim Institute and the Berl Katznelson Center, and Director of the Israel-Palestinian Peacemaking Program at Mitvim
  • The Israeli Initiative
Prof. Arie Kacowicz |  Weizmann Chair in International Relations and Full Professor of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • An International Peace Conference in the Aftermath of the Israel-Hamas War
Bar Rapaport | Project Manager for Climate Diplomacy at Mitvim
  • Preventing Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: An Israeli Interest 

Watch the briefing

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