Six O’clock After the War’: A political Vision for the Day After the Gaza Campaign

While Israel’s citizens are united around the need to militarily and politically topple Hamas and bring back the hostages, the Israeli government is in no hurry to discuss the day after. In the meantime, parts of the coalition are already busy promoting destructive measures, such as establishing settlements in Gaza.
Against the resounding failure of conflict management strategies, the strengthening of Hamas, and the weakening of the Palestinian Authority led by the right-wing governments in the last 15 years, there is a necessity to generate new perceptions that will ensure the security of Israel and its existence as a Jewish, democratic, and liberal state.
The Mitvim Institute and the Berl Katznelson Foundation, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Israel and the New Israel Fund, hosted an online conference discussing the ‘day after’ from various perspectives and presenting a new political vision for Israel and its security. The conference was attended by leaders from the political system, including MK Yair Lapid, MK Mansur Abbas, and MK Naama Lazimi, as well as researchers and prominent figures from civil society.
The conference held in Hebrew. Please press on subtitles in order to watch the videos from the conference with English. subtitles.

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Opening Remarks

Attorney Hagai Meirom, Chairman of the Berl Katznelson Foundation

– Dr. Gil Murciano, CEO of the Mitvim Institute

– Dr. Ralf Melzer, Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Israel



– The Political Roadmap for the Day After: How to Bring Security to Israel?

Dr. Omer Zanany, Director of the Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Program at Mitvim, reviews the consequences and false conceptions that led to the events of October 7th and discusses how to provide security to Israel through political means.


– Interview with MK Yair Lapid

Roee Kibrik, Director of Research at Mitvim, interviewed the Leader of the Opposition, MK Yair Lapid, on the most urgent questions regarding the vision of the day after the Gaza Campaign.

– Interview with MK Mansour Abbas

Journalist Mia Bengel conducted an interview with MK Mansour Abbas, the leader of the United Arab List party, discussing the future role of Arab society in Israel in relation to the political aftermath at the end of the Gaza Campaign.

– Interview with MK Naama Lazimi

Eviatar Oren, Deputy Editor of Telem Magazine, interviewed MK Naama Lazimi from the Labor party to discuss the link between political-security issues to social-welfare priorities on the ‘day after’.


– The Role of Israeli Civil Society in the Design of the ‘Day After’

– What international and Regional Policies Should Israel Embrace for the ‘Day After’?

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