The curse of stagnation and the need for conflict comparison

Research / The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is mired in political paralysis that is costing lives daily. Local actors at the policy level are badly in need of fresh ideas, but few are forthcoming. In this bleak political landscape, the Mitvim Institute is embarking on an effort to learn from the experience of other societies in conflict, or facing related challenges. Other conflicts and attempts at their resolution may serve as a source of policy options, lessons to be learned, or test cases for assessing local developments. These can be applied to the aspects of diplomacy, negotiations, political frameworks for resolution, third parties, civil society and activism, and social/public dynamics, and perhaps more. Such a policy-learning process will study other ethno-nationalist, territorial, sovereignty-related conflicts by drawing on policy analysis and individual expertise in those areas. The goal is to identify useful areas of comparisons, to inject new thinking into policymaking or civil society activities on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and support mutual conflict resolution between this region and others. This paper is intended to open up discussion for input, and participation in the endeavor.

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