The Revolt of the Young Palestinian Generation

Research / The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The latest cycle of violence clearly shows the despair young Palestinians feel. This is a generation that will not follow its political leadership blindly. It loathes the existing political frameworks and desires to stand up for itself and see change here and now. It is a generation that wants to live but is frustrated with the reality around it. Senior Fatah politicians have come out against the attacks committed by the youths. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared he would do everything in his power to prevent a third intifada and ordered that the security coordination with Israel continue. Yet this has caused outrage among the younger generation that desires a more active struggle against Israel in light of the stagnation in the peace process. The only way to end this cycle of violence is to create hope through a political process that will improve the economic situation in the Palestinian Authority. For their part, the young Palestinians need to find the balance that will allow them to integrate into existing frameworks, to shape their future, and to help the Palestinian national movement out of the dead end situation it is currently in.

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