The Israeli Foreign Policy Index of 2023

The Mitvim Institute’s Eleventh Annual Public Opinion Survey on Israeli Foreign Policy was conducted in late July 2023. The survey was conducted by the Rafi Smith Institute in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, among a representative sample (both politically and demographically) of the adult population in Israel (800 men and women, Jews and Arabs) and with a sampling error of 3.5%. This document presents the findings of the survey, divided into five areas: Israel’s foreign policy apparatus, Israel’s foreign relations, the implications of the Judicial Reform for Israel’s foreign relations, Israel and its surrounding regions, and Israel and the Palestinians.

This year the survey included, among other topics, questions about the implications of the “full-fledged right-wing” government’s policies on Israel’s foreign relations, both in regard to the Judicial Reform as well as its policy in the West Bank; the future of the Arab-Israeli normalization process, with emphasis on Saudi Arabia, and the potential of leveraging it to promote Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking; Iran’s growing nuclear threat; international cooperation on the climate crisis; Israel’s policy in Lebanon; China’s growing involvement in the Middle-East; and Israel’s stance on the war in Ukraine.

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