A Multi-Regional Israeli Foreign Policy

Yoav Stern February 2017
Policy Papers and Reports / Israel and the Middle East

Israel has come to see its geo-political location in a negative light, mostly as a result from the Arab-Israeli conflict and its subsequent regional isolation. As a consequence, it has developed a mentality of a secluded island, which is defensive and isolationist in nature and which views the world as a hostile place. And yet, Israel’s unique location at the crossroads of three continents should be turned into an asset. Israel must strengthen its connection to each of its surrounding regions – the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean – recognize the interconnection between them, and define the regional belonging to which it eventually aspires. For this to happen, Israel needs to adopt a new multi-regional foreign policy approach. This article outlines guiding principles for such an approach, and includes recommendations for steps that Israel can take in order to enhance its regional integration.

This article is part of a publication series that introduces guiding principles for a new Israeli foreign policy paradigm, based on recommendations by a Mitvim Institute task-team. To read the summary of this paradigm, click here.

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