An Assessment of John Kerry’s Two-State Resurrection Endeavor

Dan Rothem January 2017
Op-eds / The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

There may not be a conflict-ending, two-state solution any time soon, or perhaps ever. But if there is one, John Kerry’s six principles will serve as its basis. Kerry’s six principles are an imperfect, underwhelming reaffirmation of well-established international consensus regarding a two-state solution. But just like Clinton’s parameters of 2000, Kerry’s principles can outlive their natural political lifespan. And herein lies the importance of understanding his vision: how it links to past U.S. positions, how it compares with the most advanced knowledge on IsraeliPalestinian final status, and what service it holds for future peacemaking efforts. This policy paper provides an assessment of the Kerry parameters for IsraeliPalestinian peace.

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